The Bugatti Built in VR – XR For Business Podcast News, September 13, 2019

September 14, 2019 00:08:04
The Bugatti Built in VR – XR For Business Podcast News, September 13, 2019
XR for Business
The Bugatti Built in VR – XR For Business Podcast News, September 13, 2019

Sep 14 2019 | 00:08:04


Show Notes


1. Developing Communication Skills And Improvement of Literacy

2. Enlarging Real-Life Experience

3. Supporting Specific Needs of the Disabled Students

4. Developing and Improving Empathy

5. Receiving Workplace Experience

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Mixed Reality Classroom

Microsoft has created an ‘Immersive Classroom’ that teaches students about all sorts of emerging and exponential technologies such as VR/AR, AI and 3D Printing. it incorporates Paint 3D, HoloLens and other Mixed Reality headsets, and 3D printing. Other activities also explore coding and robotics using tools such as Minecraft and Artificial intelligence, where students get to build their own chatbot.

The immersive classroom is open for schools to experiment with incorporating digital tools in learning, and has facilitated the delivery of more than 60 free workshops for over 1000 students since opening in 2018

A.I. and virtual reality can determine neurosurgeon expertise with 90 per cent accuracy

Machine learning-guided virtual reality simulators can help neurosurgeons develop the skills they need before they step in the operating room, according to a recent study. Research from the Neurosurgical Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Learning Centre at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro) and McGill University shows that machine learning algorithms can accurately assess the capabilities of neurosurgeons during virtual surgery, demonstrating that virtual reality simulators using artificial intelligence can be powerful tools in surgeon training.

This research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Aug. 2, 2019, shows that the fusion of AI and VR neurosurgical simulators can accurately and efficiently assess the performance of surgeon trainees. This means that AI-assisted mentoring systems can be developed that focus on improving patient safety by guiding trainees through complex surgical procedures. These systems can determine areas that need improvement and how the trainee can develop these important skills before surgeons operate on real patients.


Walmart & Lego offer a new Web-based AR Experience

Jon Cheney, CEO of Seek, an eCommerce company specializing in AR, showed off an ever-so-cool AR application that Walmart uses in its Lego kiosks—sending clearly intrigued eTail participants to their phones to view the demo. How it works: Capture the QR code displayed on a Lego kit using your cellphone’s camera, then aim your phone down at the floor to see how the completed project will look and work. Cheney says 1,700 Walmart stores are using the application.

In addition, you can now use this on any smart phone directly from the website. Try it yourself at Click ‘See it in action’

Puma Uses Zappar to Bring Web-Based AR Experience to Retail Store

By scanning QR codes at two in-store displays via the mobile web app, shoppers can interact with Puma’s mascot and get directions to the basketball section of the store.

The experience continues with the shoes themselves. The seven styles in the basketball line-up each include hangtags that trigger a unique AR content. This amazing experience was created by AR company, Zappar.


Bugatti Design Director Achim Anscheidt Discusses Virtual Reality Design of $9 Million Centodieci

Achim Anscheidt has served as Bugatti’s Design Director since the early stages of the VW era, guiding development of every Bugatti from the original Veyron and its many iterations, to Chiron, Divo, and the one-of-one La Voiture Noire.

“It doesn’t take me one and a half years anymore. It takes half a year with Virtual Reality, VR goggles. This was the only way to answer the needs of our CEO Stephan Winklemann, to turn the brand where he wanted to go. Same with Centodieci, with Divo. Same with La Voiture Noire,” says Achim.


Statistics show that up to 90 percent of construction job site accidents are caused by unsafe behavior, not conditions. However, according to Justin Ganschow of Caterpillar Safety Services, worksite rookies and veterans alike can benefit from learning critical safety lessons in a controlled, virtual reality (VR) environment.

Justin Ganschow: Virtual reality is really just a better way to train. It does elicit not only an emotional but a biological response. And those are the things that form memories.

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